Saturday, August 22, 2009

Interactive Blogging: IVY LOUNGE TONIGHT!

What up peoples? Shouts to my NoDaysOff family who threw their Celebrity B-day Party for my man Ferris Bueler (Or for niggas who knew him before this Nowdaysoff shit, Dean). I can't lie, shit was packed in, no homo, but it really wasn't my style. Killa Cam was in the building and performed (I heard...LOL...he wasn't there when i left at like 1:15 am). Ni**as said he rocked it for like a half hour though. Yada yada. I think I'm just getting too old for this club shit....Maybe I'm at an age where I have to just go on crazy vacations, play beerpong and try miscelanious drugs. LMAO. Siiiiiike! You are never too old to party. That being said, I'm not really blogging today...I'm more like checking in...How yall doin? LOL.

I'm going to try something new (No, not because I'm being lazy) and do this thing called interactive Blogging. What this means is come out tonight, leave the house, come fuck with me and I promise to be funny all night. No, I'm not promoting anything except the idea of everyone having a good time. I'm on my Lupe and liquor. I'm supposed to be studying for a state test, but f**k that...Lets get it in.

I'm going to start by spending money at local bars with Tim-A-Shanga (wherever has a weekend Happy Hour)....

Then I'm going to be at my Girl Courtney Jo's Party at the Econolodge (holla at me or her for details).

Next I'm going to most likely be getting at my man Rahzy Von Party down at Ivy Lounge. There's doing a Launch party for DJ Budah Love Jonez's website and its sponsored by Nuvo (Yeeeeeea Boiiii) (Flava Flav Voice.) AND THEY SERVE PRESIDENTE!!!! I'm so Dominican.

Finally, Night cap at the crib...unless people convince me to invite them over for some afterhours sh*t. Bar and Pooltable at la Cas Rocka never closes! This, however, would require me getting that scop bobble wop (aka fellatio) from a fine female....or somebody buying me a slice of pizza. Ye Dig?

Till later......

Live, Love, Non-Computer Life


1 comment:

MW said...

So... by "interactive blogging" you mean, "living your life"? What a sign of these digital-infected times that we must coin retronyms for the most absurdly natural things!

S-ROCKA: "Maybe I'm at an age where I have to just go on crazy vacations, play beerpong and try miscelanious drugs."

W: ...Wasn't that ages 18-22, AKA college?
I pick apart your logic here but I don't hate on you!

Get the fuck out of the house and have a blast. I'll just nurse my gin-and-tonic hangover for a bit before bothering to venture out.