Monday, August 31, 2009



Boooo nigga boooooooooo!!! We are the ghosts of Ted Kennedy and DJ Am!!!

I know upon hearing that, a lot of you mutherfu**as are like "who?" This is OK. What is not OK, however, is putting a R.I.P note up on Facebook knowing gosh darn well you couldnt pick these 2 niggas out of a 3 person crowd! Yep. I'm talking to you....random hood nigga with Internet access!!!

Lmao. Normally I don't do this but ummm... Ima just keep this shit going. Might as well. I've already began by talking about people who've died less than a week ago as if that shit was OK. Oh well... I've done worse. Either way, them dudes are dead... What are they gonna do? Haunt me?

Call me crazy, an asshole or an insensitive waste of god given talent, but I cannot see myself wasting time eulogizing someone I don't know just because it's the trendy thing to do. Go ahead get mad. You must be one of those facebook posers or b**ches who buy shit cause Oprah says so. I don't give a f**k about that Aunt Tom heiffer's book club... She don't care about regular black people anyway... Just Africans. What? Do I gotta run around with flies on me just to get some sympathy, tax write off money? Sorry. No offense to the spearchuckers with bones in their noses. LOL. Chill out, chill out. I'm just playin'. I know a lot of Africans... They call me Show Rockychuku.

Nevertheless, I digress.

Let's say DJ AM was here. Would u recognize him or know any of his songs? Ah ha! Thought so. He'd probably be pissed you didn't know who his pseudo famous ass was and cuss you out.

DJ AM: fuck out my face dumb ni*ger!

You: Im sorry. Everyone said it'd be cool to mention you. Facebook showed me the way.

DJ Am: Your guiding light should be the Almighty Lord or his foot soldier Adolf Hitler...not a social networking site.

Ted Kennedy: Where the hoes at?

You: Are you Hue heifner?

Ted Kennedy: No you dumb ass coon.

I'm just kidding. I don't know if DJ AM or Ted Kennedy were racist and they most likely werent. Point of the story is, WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM!!!

Would you give them your social security number or leave them alone with an ounce of cocaine and your teenage daughters? I wouldn't. More importantly, if their funerals had tickets to gain entry , would u get one? Haha. You're a famous dead nigga groupie. LOL.

I guess the same case could be made against the MJ R.I.P's. Nahhh, I'm biased. He was the King of Pop and no real black person will speak ill of him. Besides, I'd leave him in a room with my teenage daughter and a few lines of that yola. No questions asked. If I had a teenage boy however ( no homo) I may be forced to reconsider. LOL. Hide the 8ball and the transformer undies! Mike's coming over! LOL. R.I.P.

Now that everyones briefs and boy shorts are in a bunch, I'm going to show you how to handle the subject of death with some dignity. If you didn't care about the person while they were alive, please refrain from the postumous dick riding. If you did give a rats ass about them, upload some important info about them that others should know, followed by a short "your music will be missed" or something to that effect.

When I die, however, disregard everything which was just said and do the following.

Fellas send a mass email or post that says "Showrocka: He kept it 100."

Ladies, I want y'all to do something different. Send a message that says: "Showrocka I.W.G.H.A (I woulda gave him head if he was alive). LOL

The end. Sike. I faked my own death... U said it, now Gimmie some head. Lmao.

Live, love, thoughtful eulogies


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MW said...

I agree that the trend to off-handedly eulogize is as gratingly annoying as it is ingratiatingly pandering.

Is it so wrong not to care about a person we've never met? Granted, these people may have "touched our lives" (that's a big "get a tissue" phrase), but... c'mon.

When Princess Diana got mowed down by the Great Fender in the Sky, scores of hundreds of Americans --yes, Americans, who have made a country out of whole-heartedly rejecting any semblance of monarchy, unless it is the Kingdom of Heaven (fundie shout-out?)--wept in public.

Sick. The more you embrace tragedy, the more of a spectacle you are. Disgusting.

I do not care about Edward Kennedy, Michael Jackson, or DJ Generic Name. They did nothing for me on any level, and that whatever faults they had (and there were likely many) have been whitewashed by the grim visage of death is an appalling trend. I will speak ill of the dead: my great-grandfather was a racist and a greedy fuck. My grandmother was loud, obnoxious, and had a penchant for pissing off the wrong people (I did love her though).

That being said, I do not (and Black people, please listen here), do NOT get her face airbrushed on a tee shirt, nor do I pant my car with "R.I.P. Mom-mom" or some such nonsense. Ugh.

The classless tragedy-mongers who inhabit our media and peddle us death-masks and souvenir Franklin Mint plates need to be taken down. And Americans need to wake the fuck up and realize that there's a whole world of people we never met dying every day, not just pill-addicted divorce-junkie rich whiteboy senators from a family that could buy and sell your ass eleventeen times over (and then some).

All that aside, I might shed a tear or two when Showrocka bites the big one (no homo?).

...My coffee and my heart is black and bitter.

Have a sunshine-filled day!

Rock-Rock the Skeet Boy said...

People read my blog and like it. I write my blog so that people will hopefully comment on it, thereby keeping me entertained. MW is my favorite blogger (no homo?).

Also, the list of people I could give a rats ass about is too long to list. Pretty much if you aren't Michael Jackson, Tupac, Don't play for the Eagles and dont have huge boobs....I aint fuckin with ya.

Sunshines, Rainbows (no homo), Unicorns and Money shots.