Saturday, July 11, 2009

$howrocka's Web Salad...Slightly tossed (no homo).

I still haven't completely figured out the weekend viewership patterns of my faithful following but I do know that as long as there is at least one person stuck, bored at work, than I should be blogging for them. Admirable...I know.

This being said, I find it quite ironic that with all the blogging I do, I do not really read anyone else's blog (other than William H. at...

and my occasionally my boy Sami at...

The funny thing about these blogs is that they are very different from mine, and thus, in the same realm of ridiculous things that I find them entertaining. As evinced by the fact that I like these blogs, I can infer that the rest of you will as well. See...I'm no hater.

More importantly, I believe that I should explain my two reasons for not really reading other peoples blogs. 1.) They usually suck, and 2.) there's too much other interesting sh*t out there to be read. As today is Saturday and I'm feeling a bit lazy (too much codeine...damn "summer colds" lol) I'm gonna post some of the funny sh*t I saw around the web this week during my many sleepless nights.

Showrocka's Web Salad...Slightly tossed (no homo).

Before I go hard (no homo), I want to shout out my boy Lesniak who does this compilation of links every week and sends it to a select few. These aren't his links, but I sorta stole the idea. Whatever, 25% of white people think we blacks are thieves anyway. I completely made up that statistic. LOL.

Ahem. This is not a photoshopped photo.

All I have to say is "damn son!" you making us look bad. You can't be the president and get caught staring at pre-pubescent white girl booty. And you have a black wife? You're done for 'Bama. I, on the other hand, am not the president and can say whatever I want. Owww Owwww... 17 is legal wrong... but better than saying 'sweet white nectar' or "excuse me Senator, I couldn't help but notice your daughter blossoming into a fine young woman." LMAO.

For those of yall who remember this guy (Loon) from his days rhyming with Ma$e and P-diddy and his hit song "I need a Girl pt 2" with Usher, check this out...

Well apparently, Loon is a Super Devout Muslim now, complete with a "Freeway Beard". Sorry calling it that but Free made it acceptable in pop culture.

Here's more on the religious conversion.

While on the subject of Freeway's beard...Check out this new song entitled none other than "Freeway's Beard" by Freeway....Brilliant! Actually, the song is dope as he flips an eminem sample.

Funny thing is, the song still isn't as good as this new Slaughterhouse joint:

For those of you who will be in the Greater New Haven Area on July 17th, the Slaughterhouse supergroup will be at Toads.

And now onto the more lighthearted funny sh*t...Like Lebron James getting Dunked on by some student and then having Nike confiscate the video footage...Ha! no proof for you chump:

Bron-Bron really should've just took the loss, laughed it off and said no homo for having a dudes balls on his neck. That's right son, say no homo!! You just got B2k Served!

Speaking of No Homo, this is by far the funniest explanation of it, and the funniest thing I've seen all week.
Showrocka's Web Salad Top Pic (With Extra Dressing)

, here's a bonus dose of Showrocka being Vain...My Video for "Died in your Arms", only to soothe my cutie baby demon child Sheyla who was so unjustly stripped of her Showrocka singing Billie Jean video:

Live, Love, Me...Cause I'm f**king awesome.

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