Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beth Chapman & Dred Hardy

Que the fu* k pasa gente?
I Just woke up from a night of drunken debauchery with my man Scoochie man lefleur (pause, no homo). In case I didn't mention it before ( so random freeloading niggas wouldn't show up), it was his girls bday and a small shindig was thrown. Chicken wings, titties and yak? You know your boy Show aka 'Dred Hardy' was in the building.

Now... For those of you about to infer anything based on the above picture I will keep it 100 and say, "no ni**as that's not his girl and I ain't about to clown him... At least not this time." This I say, as my boy has yet to convert to the other white meat and authenticate his palate via fine dining a la delectible swine. I, quite frankly, think he's missing out, as white women have bigger ti**ies. Nevertheless, I digress...

To make things funnier, in addition to the above pic ( which I don't remember taking) I found this directly afterwards.

If you do not see the inherant irony and hilarity of this "pair" of coincidences , you probably should be watching re- runs of Coolio's Rules instead of reading this blog.

Anyone who follows us on Twitter should find this even funnier as an entire covo between myself and Sammy (mylifesaflic) consisted of whether or not I could skeet over my " female friend who I refuse to call a girlfriend"'s head and land it on one of those plush porcelin pillows. No offense.

We also debated whether or not she returned with slob on her teta...I'm tellin you, you need to follow us on Twitter. We are funny guys ( no homo) in real life.

This being said (ha, I managed to get all my catch phrases in, in a short post), I am off to go see some real ( or silicone) breast-is-is-ists. It's too nice to be inside looking at and I, for one, have an entire world in which to indulge, if only for the sake of chronicaling it tomorrow via my bastardization of the English language.

Live, Love, Margaritas (preferibly 4 at a time)...and with titties.


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