Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You sure you want ME to review your album?

What's up familia? Yea, I know I took the day off yesterday and let you all see the world from a whiter point of view...consider it my affirmative action program. That being said, I'm back b***hes! I'm even gonna make today's post extra Black as a way to compensate. LOL.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to start taking the Blog in new directions, doing different segments and things such as album reviews. What's that you say? Bo-ring? LOL. You must seriously underestimate my abilities. After being asked the question of what will happen if I run out of material, I immediately thought of the never ending comedic drama which is the human experience...as long as there are modern day minstrels and ass clowns running around, I'm good money. I'll never run out of things to say. In relating this back to the concept of album reviews, I'll simply say that if you're album sucks pigeon d**k or monkey balls, everyone who reads this blog will know it by 10:00 am. I will then thank you for providing me with material which basically writes my blog for me.

Let me reiterate. I will review your books, albums, sex tapes or anything else you want, no questions asked, but remember...I don't give a f**k if we are friends (unlike C4) or if a bad review will stop your starving babies from eating...I am brutally honest. As far as your starving kids go... f**k em'. There are little muthaf***as in Africa with far less.

And now...I will proceed to rip an album apart like R-Kelly does to a teenage....umm...nevermind.

Mind you, getting an album review on the NappyheadedBros site is both an honor and a liability. I hope you've got your Kleenex. Homos.

Fear & Fancy: Twenty Twelve (2012).

Well, let's see...Despite the fact that you've probably never heard of these dudes, they've been getting quite a buzz in the Bay Area and have recently opened for Day 26, meaning that either women or a vast majority of the Gay community seem to enjoy their music. See? You don't want me reviewing your music, I'm an asshole.

I digress....

Fear and Fancy is what I would describe as a Rap-Rock-Neo Soul-Negro Spiritual hybrid, and as gutwrenchingly disgusting as it sounds, it works for them...I sh*t you not. Band members Legion the Shiva (whom I happen to know personally...no homo), and Jidenna have traded their days rapping with Boston's Black Spadez for a more eclectic musical journey based in Cali alongside third band member Dot. While their band Bio reads like a stanley Kubric science fiction movie I wouldn't care to see, I cannot deny the fact that this degree of weirdness has only been eclipsed by Knarles Barkley, Kool Kirk and everyone's favorite Martian, Mr. F. Baby. Kudos guys, you've effectively bridged the gap between Star Trekies and graf artists, all the while making us shake our butts (no homo) like an epileptic with a Newport. Now, onto the album, which...is f**king fantastic.

As a rapper, Legion was Good. He sounded a bit like Ja Rule (in cadence not in content) and got savaged in a freestyle battle or two, but was a genuinely solid, thought provoking lyricist (just google 'Drug Diddy'.) As a Singer however, Legion is Great, as are the other band members who manage to singlehandedly Deebo (encroach upon and take by force) the domain of non-singers singing, which was previously occupied by the likes of Ray J, T-Payne, Akon and Kanye.

Tracks four and eight, "Daddy's long gone" and "Don't Drop it" are arguably the albums worst tracks, but have some of the strongest lyrics I've heard since Nas's first verse on If I Ruled the World. While 'Daddy's Long Gone' is a bit too slow and sounds a bit like Rosa parks humming 'follow the drinking gourd', its lyrical content make it a song which you simply cannot turn off. Spitting lines like "get money, f**k B**ches/ I heard that line a lotta times/ and I gotta ad-mit it, got me through some hard times/ Left my mama with two ni**as... said she used to be a Dime/ Couldn't get no money from a n***a/ so he took away his pride", Legion and crew show that they've channelled the spirit of all broken homes and made beautiful music while doing it.

Tracks # 1, 3 and 7, entitled "Right Now," "TwentyTwelve" and "Widow's Peak" are album standouts worthy of both hip-hop and punk rock praise. While 'Right Now" mixes old school reggae with James Brown Funk, allowing lyricists to channel their inner Mos-Def, riding (no homo) the ridiculous snare samples, Twentytwelve brings its listeners to the mid to late 1980's...seriously. If there is anything that I could do right now, It would be F**k Punky Brewster to that Song! Sorry Blossom..You're so 1990's.

Widow's Peak, the third gem, is a techno meets B-boy masterpiece where, surprisingly, Jidenna sounds like a Prince, or the artist formerly known as, or what the f**k ever. To put it in the words of my boy Scoochie-Man Le Fleur, "the sh*t is dope."

In the end what results from the F&F crew (no not Lupe's)'s hard work is an excellent debut album which I'm sure will become a underground or mainstream classic. Forget the fact that these n***as are wearing face paint like Gene Simmons, and rockin leather cowhide vests, because 1.) style is in the eye of the beholder and 2.) if Weezy did it, yall would think it was cool. This daring to be different will take F&F to new heights as it is only by taking risks that true greatness is achieved. Where Fear & Fancy excel is in the department of genre-bending, and while I'm sure you will one day find this CD in Best Buy, I'll be damned if I can tell you in which section.

Listen to these ni**as, as the officially get a NAPPYHEADED CO-SIGN. Church Out.

Live, Love, http://www.fearandfancy.com/

Show aka www.myspace.com/Showrocka203

(P.S. I will not be reviewing any of my own albums! But if you wanna review one, I might post it. LOL)


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