Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to the App store Pt.1

Happy fathers day people. I am back at it again iphone blogging from Mt. Pocano, PA. While a night of excessive drinking, lingering in strip clubs and running down rabid raccoons may have slowed me down a bit, I assure you that the Showrock show must go on. This being said, I feel like I would be doing the entire world a diservice if I did not inform you all of the wonderful experience that is entering the Apple App Store.

Today I found this new application called 'who's here' which basically let's you see all the people within 50 miles of you and randomly send them texts messages. LOL. Sounds ridiculous huh? In all honesty it sounds ridiculous because it is.

To make a long story short, in browsing the app I found one particular profile worth mentioning . What? I'm an asshole and technology is helping me do so in a more efficient manner. :)

So here goes...

Status message: "just bought an 09 Breitling watch"

LMFAO. Really? you're 20 years old and just bought a watch for 80 grand?I mean I guess that's' cool if you're into that sort of thing.

Interests: Grey Goose, money, Xbox, Martin, friends and family.

Yep. She wrote that, in that exact order. More importantly, she included pics, and as a picture is worth 1,000 words...I'm considering this post officially done. Enjoy! LOL.

Live, Love, Hot ghetto mess

Sho-Show (no homo)


Carl said...

Hold up! Born in '88? How old is that? .... Old en-(vomits)

Anonymous said...

Yea this ya girl with the breitling..If ya broke ass got money u would know they don't cost 80 G's..u don't know shit about breitling watches and wat u tryna say( I'm a mess) nigga u prolli tried to talk to me fuck u bloggin bout me for get ya fuckin money up hater the way I just put another pic on there post that shit dick eater..

Anonymous said...

Continued..Lol..laugh at yall a dick cocksucka to whoeva wrote that blog about me and my watch..