Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Showrock Eat a D**k"

In case any of you missed the uber-short post on Sunday about the Apple App Store, I am now strongly urging that you check it out. In writing what was supposed to be the second part of our Breasts series, I noticed 3 new comments on Sunday's post from none other than the girl who it was about! This being said, Sho-Show (no homo) just had to respond in the manner that only I can... Now I know some of yall are thinking, "why not remove the girl's comments and keep it moving?" Now that wouldn't be fair now would it? The blog is already one sided, and plus that would be a b**tch move. We don't do that in my hood.

One thing I will say, however, is that upon request I would've taken the pics down, but shawty seemed content with keeping them up,and throwing me into the multitude of non-descript 'Haters.'Also, fellas, stop asking me for her number !!! This ain't f**kin e-harmony...and if you front and say you didn't message me and ask for the number, I'm naming names!!! Keep it 100 chumps! At her request, I was able to obtain a new pic of her. Not bad, but I could never holla at her...she told me to eat a d**k. LOL.

In case you haven't noticed, there's never hard feelings and I love when people make sh*t more interesting, so please check the comments posted below:

Anonymous said...

Yea this ya girl with the breitling..If ya broke ass got money u would know they don't cost 80 G's..u don't know shit about breitling watches and wat u tryna say( I'm a mess) nigga u prolli tried to talk to me. fuck u bloggin bout me for get ya fuckin money up hater ..by the way I just put another pic on there post that shit dick eater..
June 22, 2009 3:14 PM

You're right ma, I cannot afford a Breitling...How about a G-shock?

Anonymous said...
Continued..Lol..laugh at yall haters..eat a dick cocksucka to whoeva wrote that blog about me and my watch..

June 22, 2009 3:18 PM

Suprisingly enough, this is only the 2nd person that I've managed to offend to the point of rebuttal. I take that as a personal assault on my character because it means I am nowhere near Tucker Max status...(if you don't know him, google him and buy his book.) Maybe my problem is that I do not intentionally try to offend, and thus am not actually as offensive as I think I am. I pitched (no homo) this idea to a friend of mine and he laughed, as if to say "no...you are an asshole, you just aren't as funny as Tucker Max and don't f**k nearly as many bi**hes."

To him and every other person who has told me to eat a d**k, I simply say...Maybe if you had one...wait, no....let me start over. LOL. To every person who has told me to eat a di*k, I say Cannibalism isn't really my thing, and since I'm a di*khead it wouldn't really work. Speaking of D**kheads, I know exactly how a multitude of people who hate me and find me morally reprehensible have gotten the address to this site...Yes, I'm talking to you d**khead. Good looking out though, you know I find this sh*t hilarious...just call it fuel for the fire.

In the end, regardless of your opinion of me, you cannot deny the fact that I am an amazingly attractive comedic genius. LOL. JK. I almost blew chunks in my mouth as I said that. What I mean to say is that love me or hate me, I am still going to be the same Ol' Show, and keep on giving you reasons to tell me to eat a d**k!" Here are a few more.

Embrace the Hate:

10 things you don't know about me that will make you think I'm even more of a prick

10. If you've sent me naked pics, they were forwarded to my boys that same day.

9. I have slept with two sisters in the same day, one was a cousin's girlfriend.

8. I accidentially skeeted on a devout religious Girl's face covering. I hope I don't go to Hell.

7. A brother and I once rolled dice to see who would bang this sorority girl. He won. I banged her the next day.

6. I invented the crying game. Rules: everyone in the room gang up on someone, playing on their actual insecurities, fears, traumatic childhoods and dead relatives until you actually make them cry.

5. I taught my friend a lesson about guns by not telling him he took an unloaded weapon for protection.

4. I hooked up with a married woman as she told me about how her teenage daughter would like me.

3. I let my male friend get slow danced with and groped by another, slightly bigger male, because I thought it was comical. I eventually intervened.

2. I once rushed from one girls house to another so quick that I forgot to wash the latex off my junk. I quickly did so in her bathroom with her washcloth.

1. I once stopped having sex with my girlfriend to go into another room and watch my boy have sex with another girl and cheer him on. No Bro-mo. LMAO.

There you have it. Keep reading and I'll keep giving you reasons to read...just remember, "I got you to give a f**k (about me) by simply not giving a f**k."

Live, love, seeing what curve balls (no homo) the Internet can throw at me

Sho-Show "pull more soccer moms than a volvo" Rocka


Anonymous said...

Im not even mad at you homie..Show my sexy ass off i didnt know how good i looked on the internet...thanks

Anonymous said...

Im not even mad at you homie..Show my sexy ass off i didnt know how good i looked on the internet...thanks

Anonymous said...

Like your style mama....

Anonymous said...

And y people askin u for my # like u got it

Show said...

Who knows....? I'm a hater anyway, even if I had it I wouldn't give it out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Was it really that major for u to post my pics and blog about me..

Anonymous said...

Wats wrong wit me??

Amir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amir said...

First and foremost, DON'T EVER CROP ME OUT OF A PICTURE AGAIN!! But as pretty as I am, I understand that you don't want me outshining you bizznatches...

Secondly, I didn't think the "dot on her face like her name was Movado" line could ever be topped, but you've got some good stuff in here. Good s**t...

Anonymous said...

This post was about me! I've had like 4 people today tell me to get off my own d**k. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.... --Show

Anonymous said...

I can't be your friend after reading this...disgusting.