Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Intelligent is the new Gangsta...Not.

So recently I've been hearing a lot of dumb ass clichéd phrases like "40 is the new 30", "green is the new black (earth day reference), and "intelligent is the new gangsta". You people cannot be serious. As my boy uncle Joey from Full House would say (if permitted to use profanity),Cut this shit the f--k out. Saying that something is the new something else is akin to saying this "is almost as cool" as that. I personally think these halfassed comparisons are nonsensical
hogwash, however, I will let you be the judge...Is 40 as cool as 30? F--k no, but who gives a shit as both ages are indubitably old as dirt (despite my close temporal proximity to the latter.).

Let's be honest...second thought, let's be really O.J Simpson "If I did it" honest. Old people pretending to be young are not the culprits I intend to attack, at least not today, for each is simply a misguided soul caught in the rapture of his or her own mid life crisis. What I do have a problem with, are posers. Yes that's right, I used a mega white word for these whitewashed ass clowns from Greenwich, Cromwell and Long Island (insert affluent white town of choice) pretending to be "Gangsta" solely because they are the only token minority or wigger around. In taking this even one step further, these Carlton Banks, Braxton from the Jamie Foxx Show ass ni--as are attempting to validate and reconcile their supposed "streetness" via the ridiculous claim that "Intelligent is the new Gangsta."

Come on! Give me a frickin break. What's next? Martini night with the homies while proclaiming sensitivity is the new misogyny? I think not!

Intelligent is not the new gangsta, nor was the word itself ever synonymous with any form of gangsta-ness in the past. Sorry to all my Prep school Plies's and Ivy league Tupac's out there but intelligent and gangsta, at least in the year 2009, have become virtual antonyms. Sidenote: I am excluded from the aforementioned description cause "I got street credibility like a PHD made of asphalt. Beyotch." Let the blog begin as I tell you why intelligent Is not the new gangsta... Silly rabbits.

Despite my claim that intelligent is NOT the new gangsta, gangstas (historically) have been quite intelligent. Al Capone, John Gotti and Nikki Barnes all created multimillion dollar empires built on crime, the remnants of which are still evident in society. Fortunes were made as everything from bootlegging (during prohibition) to number running became fair game for these intelligent gangstas. These were not silver spoon fed individuals rebeling against their privileged counterparts, but rather self made men doing what at the time seemed intelligent. When the police caught wind of their activity, these real gangsters knew when to close up shop, and venture into new endeavors. If only half the contemporary rogues had this much common sense they wouldn't be overcrowding our prisons and glorifying jail as if it were a badge of honor.

Fast forward 50 years to the 1980's when the phenomenon of gangbanging reached fever pitch. No longer were gangsters admired for being slick talking tough guys, but rather for being brazen, irrational individuals ready to use violence at the drop of a dime. Sounds intelligent eh? Going to jail and possibly having some deebo looking dude R-Kelly your butt sound fun? If so then are a homo, and an unintelligent one at that.

Gangsta has always been a term used to describe society's rebels. Academia on the other hand, represents just the opposite of that. Longstanding and rigid institutions designed to mold students into society's vision of productive citizens, sort of like voluntary jail (with more freedom of course). Universities are becoming breeding grounds for lemmings, as school no longer represents man's insatiable quest for knowledge and self fulfillment, but rather represents a place kids are "expected to attend". The spirit of learning has all but died as we now reach a point where degrees are worth exponentially less, and where, for lack of a better phrase, entrepreneurism is the new intelligent.

Show me a successful man who has shunned the shackles of formal schooling and I will show you a truly intelligent rebel worthy of the term Gangsta.

Love it or hate it, this is the God honest truth, and those who disagree are probably uncle Tom Oreos pretending to be "street." Yea, I called you uncle Tom's and Oreos..and in the end it comes down to one simple thing. Cookies and milk ain't gangsta. Homos.

Live, love, exposing the frauds


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