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No Homo: Origins, Usage & Dipset

I know it's late but damnit, I said I was gonna post every day, and I meant that sh*t. Just so you know, this Blogging sh*t is a 15 hour a week job...a job which, at the moment, I don't get paid for.

Enough whining though...on with the Show (no pun intended).

Sidenote: Please don't crucify me for saying this but Judge Sotomayor can kinda get it. OK, let the blog commence...

After being chastised last night by my boys for my 'Bromance' blog and usage of the term 'No-Homo,' I realized my own mantra of 'making no subject taboo' has stirred up a bit of controversy. Not surprising to me, the controversy was not surrounding my own sexuality, (as its blatantly obvious that my love for women runs deep as the Euphrates), but rather surrounding my intentions in using the phrase 'no homo.' While I myself assumed that everyone viewed this term and its usage as one big joke, apparently, some people think that homosexuality is no laughing matter...that's unfortunate. Homos.

This being said, I guess I have proven once again, that I am too intelligent for my own good...not to toot my own horn or anything (no homo.) LOL. Rather than continue my pontificating and urging that people become more tolerant about things, I'm going to give a clinic... and not the kind you go to for STDs... Cop a squat or pull up a chair...I'm gonna "learn you something boy[s]."

No Homo: Origins, usage and Dip Set

For those of you 'not in the know', the phrase 'No Homo' is not intended to be an offensive phrase but is rather a suffix which urban minorities and suburban wannabees chose to add to any phrase which may be considered homosexual or lesbianic (LOL.) For instance, a man saying something such as "I can see why women would want to date that guy," would have the perfect opportunity to append his comment with the phrase 'No-Homo'.

According to the latest newswire and barrage of white reporters, NFL locker rooms are being infected by the craze of "no-homo-dom." No sh*t. Over a half dozen men changing and showering together would definitely be a situation where you would expect such talk to occur. Am I wrong? Nevertheless, I highly and seriously doubt that anyone believes that without saying no-homo, people would think they are gay. This is interesting mainly because there have almost never been any prominent gay athletes or rappers, who coincidentally are the ones who originated and popularized the term. All in all, no one really gives a f**k because being gay (whether admitting to it, or having a Freudian slip) is so far from the realm of possibility in these circles, that its not even an after thought. 'No Homo' is more of an inside joke with your boys or girls, intended to mean 'yo son, don't clown me for saying that.' Take for example, someone saying 'Yo that Beyonce song was tough-no homo.' There is no correlation between listening to Beyonce and being gay, but...yo ass will get clowned for saying that you listen to Beyonce.

In an attempt to at least give a brief history of this term, 'No-Homo' in its current usage was Popularized by Cam'ron & Juelz Santana (of the group Dip Set / the Diplomats.) If you have proof it was invented earlier, I'd be happy to see it and recant. Fag.
According to Cam,while he and his Dipset cronies brought 'No Homo' into the rap world around the year 2000, Lil Wayne has now popularized the phrase to the point where even "infants know no-homo." The phrase itself, however, originated around 1991 in Harlem's Jefferson projects on 115th and 1st. See...I know my sh*t, Eastside stand up! That's that Ivy league research sh*t Boooooyyyye (Flav voice.) So now you know. The phrase was originated by dopeboys and gangsta, popularized by rappers and made applicable to the entire world. What I believe to be the funniest component of all this no-homo madness, is that the two main rappers responsible for spreading the epidemic like legs at a Drake concert, are perhaps two of the gayest dressing individuals in the discipline of hip-hop (kanye excluded because he may actually be gay and find the term offensive, and pharell excluded because he's just a wierdo.) While I may be wrong, (I have been a few times in my life), there is no way I am going to be convinced that either of these dudes thought that in the event someone might think they were gay, saying no homo would negate that. The uber-flamboyance of skinny jeans & lip piercings (wayne) or giant earrings & pink furs (cam), could never be eclipsed by any phrase. I could find a man screwing my wife and still assume he was gay if he was wearing some of the sh*t that these guys wear.

LMAO. Sorry Wayne.

Nevertheless, there is something to be said about men comfortable enough to don such ridiculously gay outfits and not permeate an air of faggotry. No homo is a giant, hilarious joke and I highly doubt that anyone is using it as a means to validate their manhood and or status by using it. No homo effectively makes one large communal joke at which we can all partake and enjoy, rather than the aforementioned joke being "on you." Cam'ron, you're one clever son of a b**ch.

Side note: I can't wait for lawyers to start using the term. I.e. Can I see your legal briefs, 'No Homo.' Or Judges...Will the defendant please rise, no homo. LOL

Live, Love, Dipset (no Homo). (This is an actual shirt by the way)


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