Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exit from Paradise

As my vacation comes to a close I am sending this final phone blog, soon to be replaced by my regularly scheduled social commentary and infectious wit. While managing to crank out a blog a day amidst complete chaos and the inability of islanders to stick to rigid plans (something which is annoying yet surprisingly calming) I have realized that my blogs have been lacking in the substance department. Describing the last few posts as more of a comical update on this process which I am electing to call a ‘restful vacation,' rather than meticulously crafted e-commentary from our generation's own tattooed Henry David Thoreau (LOL. so maybe that was a stretch.), would probably be the most accurate description.

Now that all of the precursory warnings have been put in place; I’m going to rant, while walking and typing, about all the girls I want to make beautiful messes with in this San Juan airport. I wish I could marinate them in their own juices and serve myself endless helpings. Despite my own knowing that this would happen, it was still a bit shocking to see so many stunning beauties in one place. I kid you not, I had to feign sleep on the small airplane so as to not burn two holes directly through the nylons of our flight attendant with my conspicuous fiery stare. I’m sure she knew no one could possibly fall asleep on the 22 minute flight, but probably appreciated the gesture. Now, with the mini crisis of possibly offending the stewardess avoided, I’m staring at the mop girl. I want to melt her, sop her up and wring the mop in my mouth. It is that serious. I feel I am learning a lot from this experience but wish I didn’t wear these jeans with pre ripped holes. Oh well...I’ve got another connecting flight to catch and more airline eye candy to soak in. Try not to miss me too much.

Live, Love, PR


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