Friday, April 24, 2009

If you were at Popeyes on 4/22...Be ashamed

Sorry, I'm a little late today, but I was having a problem with my website counter. Yeah....the site that was hosting it is suddenly non-existant. That being said, if anyone knows where to get a free website tracker, holla at a pimp.
Ok, here goes...

While I hadn't intended on blogging last night, I have realized that a certain event could not be ignored and hence, must be chronicled for those unaware of the significant impact it may have on the African American community. Well before receiving an influx of emails, texts and facebook status updates, I was reminded via overjoyed masses and a soul train line of followers, that the Messiah had indeed returned. Barack Obama had disended upon a congregation of faithful followers in Connecticut with Lil' Wayne in tow....Wait, that's not what happened at all. 8 pieces of chicken were 4.99 at Popeyes and Ni**as, and yes I said Ni**as, went crazy.

Apparently "Frenzy" was the word of the day on Wednesday, April 22nd as every Popeyes chicken franchise across the state looked more like the million man march sanz Farrakhan. While I hate piggybacking on what I know everyone and their cousin Olive Oil has been talking about for the past two days, I feel it would be an injustice to you all, for me to let this pass without me giving my own 2 cents.

I hate to say it but I'll be damned if white people weren't half right about that watermelon and chicken thing. Really people? standing in line for an hour just to get a chicken discount? Calling out of work? Forcing the police department to block of an entire street for the majority of the day? As if this in itself was not bad enough, it comes less than two weeks after a couple was robbed at gunpoint guessed it....Popeyes chicken. Sorry to break it down to you, but Popeye himself wouldn't even wait in line for an hour to get discount chicken!!! That ni**a ate spinach for Christs sake! Popeyes franchisees, amidst all this chaos and ghetto-fied confusion I have still not forgotten you. You should be ashamed of yourselves...a sale on chicken? really! If we are allow this type of behavior to continue we will be serving as catalysts for a slippery slope in which all companies may follow suit. What's next? Hot sauce sale at Stop & Shop? Black people, and white urbanites nestled in amongst this hood chaos, we have to do better.

Now, I am not one to preach or pontificate. I have actually been described as quite hood myself, doing sh*t like wearing Jesus pieces over windsor knotted ties, eating Howard's pork skins in my MBA class and riding with a bottle of Franks Red Hot in my glove compartment. That being said, when I say something is ridiculously uber-hood or super-ghetto, it is!!! While I may not be the definitive authority on anything I do know one thing. Chineese chicken wings (a staple in the hood, might I add) are four for $2.00. What that translates to is 50 cents a wing. At 4.99 for 8 pieces, no amount of herbs and f**kin spices can make you forget basic math. As two prominent black thinkers once said, "don't believe the hype!" (Flavor Flav, 1988), "You've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray..." (Malcolm X, 1956.)

What you have fallen victim to is what urban scientists have termed "the reverse caucausianist thinking module." Wheras inteligent non-minorities form the hypothesis that anything with an overwhelming number of seemingly uncouth colored folk must be bad or inherantly dangerous and scary (think Watts Riots, O.J. Simson Verdict or most street gangs) we tend to gravitate toward this multitude like a moth to an inviting flame, thinking we may miss out on something good, cheap or free (think Central Park concerts, Thanksgiving turkey drives and government cheese.)

In the end it is no one's fault but that godawful sailor with the deformed arms.
F**k you popeye and everything you stand for. Crown Fried is cheaper anyway.

Live, Love, Cook with Sazon.


P.S. I know this one was kinda short, but leave a comment and I may be persuaded to drop a second Blog by days end...Just had to get this one off my chest. Pause.


Nick said...

I love Popeye's and will not have you smearing its good name!

I want a biscuit right now.

Anonymous said...

funny you put a picture up of Obama next to some fried chicken. The other night on the news there was an outrage in Brooklyn over a fried chicken place named Obama Fried chicken.

Tim A. Shanga

daniel said...

Your blog is great so far keep it up. PS I think the last time I had Popeye's was 5th grade at your house. Or was that KFC? hmmmmm Too bad for you there is no Pickin Chicken outside of Jersey. They are even cheaper than Crown.

William Matters said...

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